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Madison Metropolitan School District

Schedule/Course Changes

Adding/Dropping Courses

Each February students are guided through the course selection process for Fall semester of the upcoming year. Counselors and teachers carefully explain required and elective class options, and students receive the Memorial High School Curriculum Guide which contains all course descriptions. Students are instructed to confer with their parents, teachers, and counselor, and to choose courses carefully. The ability to add/drop courses later is very limited! Students complete this process by obtaining parent and teacher signatures on the course selection card, and then handing this card in by month's end.

Each April, students will be able to go online and check their course requests for next fall. If a course requested in February is not listed, students are to contact their counselor immediately to double check the processing of their course requests.

By August of each year most schedules are ready for student pick-up during Registration.

After this course selection process, only the following changes may be made:

  • Errors made by the school;
  • Simple drops when no other changes are needed and the student does not fall below a minimum class load (written parent permission required);
  • Teacher recommended level changes;
  • Teacher recommended co-op changes;
  • Credit shortages for seniors;
  • Class leveling;
  • Students who have failed once with the same teacher

In order for students to develop a broad subject matter background as well as a degree of specialization in one or more areas, they should carry six subjects, including physical education or health, each semester in high school. Students are permitted to enroll in additional courses if their schedule permits and there is room in the courses. Colleges and universities also consider course loads (both quantity & quality) during the senior year. Seniors are strongly urged to take six subjects both semesters.

District policy on dropping classes once the semester has begun

Occasionally, a student may wish to drop a class once the semester has begun. Students and parents are urged to consult with the teacher and counselor as soon as this is a likelihood, since dropping classes can affect grade point average and/or athletic eligibility. If the course is dropped before the end of the seventh week, a study hall will be added in place of the dropped class and it will not effect grade point average. If the course is dropped after the end of the seventh week, it will be recorded as a failed course or withdrawn (WD) on the transcript - this dependent on the circumstance. Again, be sure to consult with your counselor.