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Madison Metropolitan School District

Achievement Connections Tutoring

Achievement Connections is a targeted intervention focused on mathematics, with the goal of reducing the achievement gap in math in high schools in the Madison area. Our program is a partnership with MMSD, Middleton Cross-Plains Area School District, the United Way of Dane County, and the UW Morgridge Center for Public Service.

Students are recommended to the program by their Algebra or Geometry teacher and are matched with a trained adult AmeriCorps tutor, volunteer tutor from the community, or peer tutor for one-to-one tutoring that focuses on both current class material support and “filling in the gaps.” Utilizing software such as Delta Math, we can create individualized student exercises to focus on foundational skills. 

When considering students for enrollment in the program, we focus on these guidelines:

  1. Students taking Algebra 1 and Geometry.
  2. Students with a low C, D, or high F in math in the prior or current semester.
  3. Attendance at or above 85% in prior or current year.
  4. Achievement Connections cannot supplant mandated tutoring or other intervention services.

Questions? Contact:
Stephanie Shaw
Phone:  608-442-2334
Tutoring Center: Room 705