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Madison Metropolitan School District

Memorial High School TAs Support Library Staff

Every day during seventh period, senior Edman Ahmed spends the hour roaming the shelves of the Memorial High School library–not only to find her next book recommendation, but to earn class credit as a student TA. 

Teachers in several different departments allow student TAs, who can use a free period to assist staff for partial credit, if approved by their guidance counselor and assistant principal. Library staff members Kristin DeLorme, Jamie Bradley, and Stephanie Weis work with student TAs in almost every class period. Students streamline the entire library system, from shelving books to creating a new genre labeling system.

“My study hall was too crowded and loud,” Ahmed said. “Putting the books away gives me an opportunity to look around and find books to read. I really enjoy conversing with Ms. DeLorme and Ms. Bradley about the books they recommend.”

DeLorme, who previously worked in the Jefferson Middle School library, has known some of her TAs since they were sixth graders. The library offers these students a chance to earn credit, while in a welcoming, calming space, DeLorme said.

“Some of the TAs projects like shelving can be a little tedious,” DeLorme said. "But it’s more about the environment and safe space the library builds, and we’re glad to have the students here.”