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Madison Metropolitan School District

Enrolling New Students

Welcome to Memorial High School!

To enroll as a new student, the parent/guardian and the student should be prepared to spend two to three hours. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start with the Student Services Registrar, Ms. Sherry Zander. (Phone: 608-663-6054).
  2. The time of year determines your next step. In June, July or August, you'll be working exclusively with Ms. Zander. In September through May go to the Student Services office. In either situation you will be expected to bring the following documentation:
  • Proof of residence - your most recent MG&E or Alliant Energy bill, or lease or mortgage that shows your current address and parent name
  • Birth certificate
  • Your last school's name, address, and phone number; transcript; grades; immunization records; and special education records (IEP and re-eval) if applicable
  1. Ms. Zander will get you an appointment with a guidance counselor to plan your class schedule.
  2. If the student has special needs, an appointment will be made with Ms. Jen Kerwin, the Special Education Department Scheduler.
  3. If available, you'll be directed to secretary Betty Loeffler, to get your I.D. card picture taken (Smile!!!)
  4. Your last stop is to go to Neighborhood Principal, Mr. Radloff, to be assigned to a locker.



Call Student Services Registrar, Ms. Sherry Zander 608-663-6054. Or email Ms. Zander. The Student Services Office fax number is (608)442-2196.

Students not living with parents must contact the District Enrollment Office at the Doyle Administration Building, 545 West Dayton Street, Madison. Please call 608-663-4952 for an appointment.